Meet Yessabett Bueno, our Guest Designer for December, 2023!

I am so happy to introduce to you this wonderful designer!

As you probably know I, Sandra, proudly embrace my Mexican heritage. This connection has cultivated a deep appreciation for the rich diversity of Latin American artists. And Yessabett is like no other! I have admired her work for so long now and I am so glad that I finally get to work with her and that she has agreed to create something just for us here at Plyful!

She is a genius of color and her designs always shine! Not only because of the striking way in which she uses color, but because of her commitment to creating well-fitting and wearable garments that are fashion forward and size inclusive!

This month’s pullover is no exception!

In her own words…

I am Yessabett Bueno, a Chilean. A passionate crocheter, finding in this technique all the creativity that makes me vibrate with every stitch. I have been crocheting since I was 11, always in a self-taught manner. Making and frogging, trying, making mistakes… over and over again (after all, without error, there is no learning). I am a lover of textures and colorwork! Thanks to my love for crochet, I have managed to internationalize my work, collaborating with various magazines and brands worldwide.

Where to find her work?

I highly recommend you have a look at her patters because she really is quite amazing!

You can find her patterns on her website or on Ravelry.

And make sure you follow her on Instagram @creacionesananda!

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  1. Carrie Townsend avatar

    I’ve just downloaded the Riverside Jumper and I’m really looking forward to making it. Now, to just find the right yarn and colours ????????

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