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We need you! 

At Plyful, we recognize that talent and knowledge can come from anywhere, and we would love to give all crochet designers, no matter their experience or social media reach, an opportunity to showcase their work on our platform and to be fairly remunerated for it.

We are constantly looking for designers and at the moment, all of 2025 is open!

Plyful's Mission

1. Create a Crochet Community

A place where crocheters can meet on a regular basis, share their work, get to know each other and interact with designers they admire in a more personal way.

2. Elevate crochet

An educational space where people can learn new techniques, stitches and crochet hacks to elevate their craft. And not only that, but a place where they can find a curated collection of excellent crochet patterns.

3. Support Independent designers

To highlight the work of other incredibly talented designers and live by the "community over competition" motto.

4. Make a living

Because wool won't feed your family, we make it our priority to create opportunities for fair remuneration for all parties involved.

How the Collaboration works

Sources of Revenue for Designers

Feel free to download our info pack

Submit a Design

If you have an idea and you think that Plyful is a good fit for you, please submit your design proposal by emailing with the subject “Design Submission”.

Your design idea can be for any season, but at the moment we are focusing on Winter/Spring designs since we are looking to fill the first half of 2025 first. If your idea doesn’t fit this brief, that’s ok! Send it anyway, please! We will get back to you if your design has been accepted!

Your proposal should include the following:

  • Your name, email and social links (instagram, ravelry, facebook, etsy, etc)
  • Inspiration for the design
  • Description of design and sketch (include construction method, fit, relevant details or techniques used, etc). It is recommended to show a swatch of the stitch pattern (it doesn’t have to be made with the yarn you will be using on your sample)
  • Sizes included in the pattern
  • Yarn suggestions (yarn weight and examples of brands that might work)
  • Approximate yardage requirements for yarn support
  • Idea for a masterclass: This can be a technique or a topic that you would like to discuss, either related to your pattern or not. The proposal doesn’t have to be too in-depth, but just a blurb about what you can potentially teach during your month. If teaching a live class scares you or is simply not your jam, it’s ok! Please, still apply and we will figure something out!
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