March 2024, Guest Designer!

I am so so excited about this one.

Meet Lena Fedotova of @Ravliki!

Lena is one of those people that leaves me in awe every single time I look at one of her designs. Her attention to detail and commitment to create well-fitting garments is astounding and it is a true honor to have her participate as a guest designer on Plyful. I, for one, cannot wait to learn from her!

I’m Lena Fedotova, a crochet designer from Ukraine currently living in
Montenegro. I started as a knitter and taught myself crochet, making
mistakes along the way that shaped my design journey.

My main focus is creating new crochet stitches, textures, and
techniques. Continuously in search of distinctive, never-before-seen
crochet textures, I dedicate a significant part of my daily routine to
experimenting with my crochet hook. I use designs, from shawls to
sweaters, as a canvas to showcase my inventions. This is why I prefer
larger projects, avoiding small items like hats or mitts.

My crochet motto is simple: “shawls have to be well-sized, sweaters –
well-fitted!” I no longer skimp on yarn for shawls and pay close
attention to garment details like beautiful neckline shaping, shoulder
lines, a higher back neck, etc. Delving into these details is another
puzzle I love solving in my designs.

When I was a kid there was a world map hanging above my bed, and every
night before falling asleep I used to think about all the lands on
that map which had already been discovered and wonder if there was
anything left for me to find. Now, many years later, I am happy I have
found a vocation that makes me feel like an explorer every single day.

Lena Fedotova

Her Plyful Design for the month of March is the Skyway Top, a beautiful top that can be worn as a summer tank or layered as a vest!

March Events

Come and get to know Lena! She’s really not a fan of the camera and I am so honored that she has agreed to join me in this chat. I am very very excited to get to know her better and YOU get to be there as ask your own questions!

In this class we will learn all about the beautiful cables used in the Skyway Top. How to make them, wrong ways and common mistakes, tips and tricks.

Here’s a compilation of some of Lena’s wonderful work.

Find more about Lena on her website, Ravelry or Instagram!

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