Sweetheart Jersey

By Carrie Townsend

Pattern Used

Sweetheart Jersey


My gauge = 14sts x 8r (DC), 6sts x 8r (V). Even though my gauge was different to the pattern, the measurements came out the same. I was expecting the garment to be more oversized than it is. I’m not sure why that happened, but perhaps it’s because my yarn is thicker even though it’s still classed as a DK? **Changes made to pattern:** – No split hem – No sleeve decreases – 3 extra chains at sleeve split – Used a combination of YOSLST and SLST for trims **About the pattern:** Another wonderfully designed garment. Sandra always provides ample notes and instructions throughout her patterns, and sometimes this can get a little overwhelming. You do need to read the whole pattern and I would suggest highlighting important notes. Due to this, I would recommend this pattern for the intermediate maker. **About the yarn:** This yarn is lovely and light, but still warm. I especially like the randomness of the colour changes. It is delicate and can get a little pilly, so needs to be looked after.

Status Start Date End Date Yarns Used Hooks Used
Finished 2024-04-20 2024-06-01 https://www.ravelry.com/yarns/library/panda-crypto-8-ply 4mm, 5mm
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