July 2024, Guest Designer!

You may not know her but you are now going to LOVE her!

Meet Sara Dudek of @saradudekstitches!

Sara has been in the crochet industry for so many years. Her experience doesn’t only cover her own designs, but she has also worked behind the scenes for different craft/yarn/crochet related companies. Her knowledge and love of crochet garments is impressive and I truly love everything she creates.

Sara Dudek started crocheting and designing when she was a young child and is especially inspired by colorwork, lace, and texture. She has worked as the design intern for Krochet Kids International, the editor for Interweave Crochet Magazine, and the Brand Director for WeCrochet. She loves crocheting for mindfulness and mental health and as a way to engage in the slow fashion movement.

Follow Sara on Instagram @saradudekstitches or on Ravelry, check out her website, and find (most) of her patterns on crochet.com and now Plyful! 

She lives and works in Colorado, United States with her partner and pup.

Her Plyful Design for the month of July is the Sweet Summer Vest, a lovely everyday staple with a lace back detail that will flatter you and will have you turning heads!!

Click on image to learn more about the pattern!

July Events

Join me and getting to know Sara! She has such an interesting background in the crafting world and I can’t wait to know more about her design process, as well as her favorite makes (should we talk wedding dress?!).

July Masterclass with Sara Dudek

Spend an hour with Sara talking about the Sweet Summer Vest’s top-down seamless construction, ways to customize the pattern to be exactly what YOU want, fiber choices, tricks for reading a lace chart, and so much more!

Here’s a compilation of some of Sara’s wonderful work.

Click on images to know more!

Find more about Lee here:

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